Friday, July 11, 2008

Marco Polio

In more medical/dental clearance hold news appearently the PC doesn't pay for Polio boosters like I had hoped that they would. I guess I'm not surprised. But! The good news is that Passport Health will give me the shot for $75, which a hell of a lot better than the $350 that my crock doctor wanted to charge me. And now I'm thinking that I was grossly over charged for my tetnus shot that ran me $50. I also have to either get another MMR shot or be tested to show that I have been immunized for it. Though it sucks to have placement holds put on my application because I am DYING to find out where I'll be sent, it's nice to have some sort of correspondence with the offices. To know that my files are being looked over and that I'm so close to being done with the medical clearance gives me a little peace of mind.

Pulling Teeth

So I just got word from the Peace Corps Dental Office that I will have to have my wisdom teeth taken out in accordance with my dentist's request. Now of course I think that this is BS considering that my teeth are and have always been healthy and pain free and I am trying to fight it. I called up the Dental Office HQ in D.C and they told me that I am free to get a second opinion. If said second opinion says that surgery is unnecessary I need to have them write a letter on their stationary stating exactly that and I'll be free and clear! I have already made an appointment next week with a different orthodontist and in two weeks I have an appointment with an actual dentist to have my teeth cleaned. Fingers crossed that these guys are not scalpel-happy!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Waiting Game

I am trying to be patient. I really am. I keep trying to focus on all things that are not related to my health clearance or my unwavering desire to get out of this country. I told myself that I would check my PC toolkit (the thing that tells me when my health packet has been received and when I've been cleared) once a week, but I've already checked it yesterday and again today only to find out that my packet has not reached the PC headquarters yet. Or if it has, they haven't gotten around to updating my toolkit yet. So what can I do to occupy my mind/time? Let's make a list!

-study for and take the GRE
-train for and run the Staten Island Half Marathon
-work as much as possible so I can save as much as possible
-ride my new crappy bike around the city
-spend more time exploring New York, going to museums, galleries, ect.
-chilling out and watching a lot tv and movies!