Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fun/Interesting things that have happened since I've been at site

I like lists perhaps you've noticed.

-I got a kitten, she's super cute-white with brown spots. I've named her Freida.
-I took a machete to shoulder-high grass to make way for my garden for which I have bought carrot, cabbage, tomato, pepper, and onion seeds. I also have zuccinni and basil seeds that my mom sent from America.
-I got punk'd Ghanaian style. I allowed a Muslem women in my village to dye my left hand with henna because I thought that it would be a fun cultural exchange only to find out after the fact that it means that I'm looking for a husband. The henna lasted for a week and a half and my fingernails are stilled tinged orange.
-I had a man come and paint flowers and the words Peace and Love on the screen doors of my bedroom and kitchen, respectively.
-I have grown to like fufu, but yam only please, no casava or plantain. I also learned how to make groundnut soup. If I see you when I come back to the states I will make it for you. It's pretty good.
-I am super tan.
-I got a short-wave radio and the BBC world news has improved my life drastically. I can also get signals from Air Europe, France, Spain, and the Netherlands with programs all in English, through which I have randomly heard Ottis Redding songs, a dramatization of the Lehman Brothers' collaspse, and have been appraised of Christ's second comming-May 21st, 2011. Mark your callenders.