Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Invitation is IN THE MAIL!!!

I forgot to mention that in yesterday's post.  It was mailed out last Wednesday and I'm off to check the mail yet again.  Fingers crossed!  

To dayz of consekatv blogin, I haz em.  I also have a sad addiction to icanhascheezburger.com.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Time Flies When You're Killing Time!

Wow.  Ok.  So I haven't posted in the longest time and things have actually progressed since the last time I checked in!  A lot!  

To recap:  I bit the bullet, so to speak, and had 3, yes 3, wisdom teeth removed, thus completing and passing my dental screening.  Need I remind you that the Peace Corps did not specifically ask me to take them out. I only needed to find a dentist that would recommend me keeping them, an impossible task.  So they are out and I am in!  Right after my dental clearance I was medically cleared too-but wait!- this clearance only lasted about 2 months until the PC decided they needed a more detailed history about my left foot, which I had foolishly broken in a bunkbed-toconcrete floor accident two years ago.   I contacted my podiatrist in CA, had him fill out a form and sign his name, and I had to write a brief letter explaining the current condition of my foot (I told them that it hurts in the cold and that I need to be sent somewhere warm :) ).   I was then medically cleared a second time and this one has stuck.

Last Wednesday (Jan. 28th) I spoke to my super nice placement director, Yung-mei, and she informed that I will be moving to AFRICA!!!!!  In June....    Now, one might assume that I would be disappointed with the late departure date, since I was supposed to be leaving in February, March at the very latest, but I'm ok with it.  After all, I was starting to miss New York and I haven't even began to pack yet (too Cary Bradshaw-ish?).  So now I get to have more time go to museums, take strolls through the park, and make as much damn money as I can get my hands on.  Because now Europe is BACK ON!!  And now I have decided to throw in a month in the Caribbean: Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Cuba.  Or maybe just Puerto Rico.  It all depends on the benjamins.  It always does.

Oh, and yeah, I did preemptively quit my job, but I can I just say that I'm actually *glad*  that I did.  *This is in no way a reflection of the JCC, really, just me...needing something new after 2 years.