Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm IN!!!!

So I know I'm terrible at updating this as often as it should be, but the Peace Corps interview went great, to say the least. After sitting down for an hour in a small, unadorned room save for a table and two chairs and having every one of my answered being typed out on a laptop as though I was dictating the interview, I was told immediately that I would make an excellent volunteer and that my Placement Officer (PO), Damian, would be writing my nomination letter that day! He has nominated me for Central/South America leaving February '09, but since I used to volunteer at an AIDS clinic in Santa Cruz I may be sent to Africa. I don't really care which place I'm sent to, I'm sooooo excited to go! I'm amazed at how quickly I received my nomination, I was under the impression that I would have to wait a few days until I heard an official answer. So glad that was not the case!!

So what do I have to do now? I had gotten my letters of rec. in weeks ago, Damian was kind enough to allow me to take my fingerprints in the PC office, and I finally got my UCSC transcript sent in. And now it is time for the medical clearance! I have to get my eyes, teeth, and general body/well being checked out. I feel like I'm pretty healthy, so hopefully everything checks out. I haven't been to either a dentist or an optometrist or even a doctor really in a long time and for some reason I'm slightly nervous about it. Thank God that I have health insurance!